Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cutting Our Cake....And Eating It Too

My husband waiting for me to come help him fulfill a time-honored tradition of stuffing our faces in our delicious wedding cake
(I LOVE how his every expression shows impatience, from the stance, hands on hips and even the look on his's all a bold lie; this man is amazingly patient with me! I mean, he waited over 14 years for this day with me!)

Slice it, Baby! Notice the crowd huddled in for a front row view!

....and the crowd gets larger...

Showing all the Littles the delicious cake before feeding my spouse

...and apparently threatening some hecklers in the front that they're next!

I sure wish that floral branch wasn't occluding the view of that handsome face...oh well. Ready, set, GO!

Even though our faces may not show it, the cake was absolutely DIVINE!! Thanks to my amazing sister, Bonnie, for pulling out her "rusty" skills and making another masterpiece of deliciousness in the form of a wedding cake....mmmmmm.

My favorite thing is Scooter's face....he was SO egging David on to shove the cake in my face, and although the moment for such naughtiness has passed, I think he was still hopeful!

This was my favorite part of the cake-cutting, all the nieces and nephews surrounding us like we were cutting open Disneyland. They were next to dive in!
Kaleigh, Jackson, Caiden's eye, Sadie, Wyatt, Kate and Shannon & Kyrsten in the back.

Even missing teeth I think Kate could easily munch on some cake! Sadie, Wyatt and London look hungrily on.

Dad & Mom with Al & LaRue (aka The Renchers) looking on.

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  1. Nice reminder of what we missed. Sorry we couldn't be there, but we are very happy for you. We would love visitors! Come stay with us soon.


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