Sunday, May 23, 2010

Just found this drafted post that I never posted for some reason :).....I'm having great memories from these pictures that were in the beginning of the courtship that would lead to our marriage! Tender, I know...
David & Melanie
March 2010

An impromptu photo shoot that happened one day after church....mostly because I like the way this man looks in a suit!

We are nothing if not sassy :)

And this is the one I posted on facebook thinking it looks like a nice little innocent shot of two people who happen to like each other.....WRONG. Apparently it looked (to some, at least) like an engagement photo. Wow. Deleted it off FB faster than you can say "Holy Moses!"
I still think it looks sweet. Whatever.

Laughing at something hilarious...who knows what really.
PS I really DO KISS better than I COOK!
(It says so above my stove)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Angel Babies...

Christian & Ruby
February 2009

Friday, May 7, 2010

Girls Just Wanna...

My three favorite things about this picture: Londy's angellic face and half smile, her Shirley Temple curls, and her hiked way-up socks (what? is she playing soccer later???) Ok four, I love her little stance--what a poser!

Now this cute girl is quite a bit tougher to get to pose for (or even look at) the camera....but I put her in roller skates and she couldn't get away so fast! Although this is obviously caught mid-fall into my lap!
This next little small loves to hula hoop....and she's really good at it too. She watched me try and there was laughing.....I CAN move my hips but apparently not in the right directions!!!

I gave Londy new jammies for her 3rd birthday and here she is showing me what the "monkey on my jammies is doing"...

"Can you see my panties if I stand like this??" Well, London, when you're that stinkin adorable, I think it's okay that we see your unders!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sacred Steam...

In January, Dave and I went for a walk around Temple Square and he captured this shot of the temple through the steam rising up from the reflection pool. Freezing but totally worth this pic!

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