Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wedding Reception....backwards

It's been over ten blissful months since we got married so I figured it was past time to start posting pictures. I started from the end of the night so they'd be on the bottom of the post, but there are LOTS of pictures and that would be a seriously long post. But in the spirit of getting 'er done, they're backwards. I'm okay with that. Anyone who views will have to be too :)

Supporting and loving me on my most important day,
My fabulous work sisters!
These women did SO much to make my wedding day special and beautiful...
I can't thank them enough :)
Rachel, Sundee, Missy, Kaye, Krista, Mary, Rhianne, Annalee, Brittney, Lisa & Tracey

Tossin' My Bouquet
Meghan, Kyrsten, Aspen, Tina and Sadie play catch
Steve and Aunt Suzanne on deck :)

Aspen makes the grab...

...and does a dance of joy!

Hugging my sweet new niece, Meghan

I love this picture of my new husband and stepdaughter....aren't they sweet?!

My Maid of Honor Tina (who also happens to be my close cousin and great friend)
She was fabulously supportive and I love her dearly

Ten minutes into marital bliss and he's already tired of me bossing him around...the fun has just begun, buddy!

Onward to happily ever after :)

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